We are official applicators for the LINE-X range of multipurpose, spray applied polyurea coatings. LINE-X provides enhanced protection for virtually any surface including metal, fiberglass, wood, and polystyrene.

LINE-X is perfect for providing protection to not only a large variety of tools, materials and equipment,  but also vehicles, boats, speakers, stillages, pallets and film props, to name but a few.

What LINE-X can protect is only limited by your imagination.

So why does LINE-X provide superior protection?

LINE-X has many qualities and advantages that makes LINE-X a number one choice for providing protection across many industries. Some of these qualities include:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cushioned non-skid surface
  • Sound dampening qualities
  • Watertight/airtight seal – no rust or corrosion
  • High elasticity properties
  • Doesn’t crack split or warp
  • Sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Universal, spray applied fitting
  • Tough consistent surface
  • Maintenance free