Why Should I Buy a LINE-X Van Liner?

Because LINE-X van lining offers long life protection to the load area of your van. Our tough, durable LINE-X coating provides a water-tight seal and prevents dirt and grit from getting under the liner. LINE-X will keep the interior of your van looking newer for longer, therefore protecting your resale value and your investment.

Product Info:

LINE-X Van Lining

We are the spray applied van lining applicator for the Mansfield region including Nottingham, Chesterfield and Worksop.

LINE-X Van Liners offer robust protection to the interior of your cargo bay, providing a waterproof coating that also prevents rust spots, corrosion and scratches.

For those of you in industries such as healthcare, LINE-X now offer an optional Antimicrobial protective liner that has been proven to reduce bacteria (MRSA and E-Coli) by 99.9% over a two hour period.


Floor only, Floor and half sides, Floor, full sides and inside roof


Black (Standard) / Grey /Colours

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